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Get to know the boys that we've rescued from the streets, now on their way to a new future.


A dynamic team exists both in the United States and Kenya to power this endeavor.

Project History

It took years for this idea to become a reality; educate yourself on the story of Reach International Children's Center.


Bungoma Kenya pastor's council
Restoring Amidst a Pandemic
August 2021

Despite the pandemic, RICC has been hard at work rescuing, rehabilitating, and now - restoring the boys of Bungoma, Kenya back to family life!

Bungoma Kenya pastor's council
A Fantastic Visit from ALCC!
February 2020 (part 2)

Our friends from Abundant Life Christian Center have made quite an impression with the local authorities, sharing the RICC vision with much support!

Art Wall
Guests from ALCC are Coming to Discuss Foster Care
February 2020 (part 1)

The boys are excited; guests are coming! Representatives from Abundant Life Christian Center are on their way to check on the boys, see the property and assess any needs, and ultimately, to meet with local officials on the topic of foster care for the children of the home.

Community Outreach
Outreach Continues, Field Trips for the Boys
September 2019

Not only are the boys of the Children's Center benefiting from Reach International's outreach program, but the community as well. Learn more here.

Boys and staff of RICC in front of home
Construction, Growth, and More
March 2019

The home has been open for nearly a year, and both the facility - and the boys themselves - continue to grow!

Boys and staff of RICC in front of home
The Home Opens!
April 2018

After years of preparation and build-up, at long last, the home is officially open. Seven boys have been moved in off the streets, and have begun the next chapter in their lives.

Bunk beds RICC home interior
Preparing for the Boys' Arrival
March 2018

Nearly ready to bring in the first round of residents, final preparations were made to the house interior, as well as crucial staff training.

Preparing the Property
February 2017

More hurdles had to be overcome: getting the house ready, naming the house, and achieving NGO status.

Purpose Meets Destiny
October 2016

Abundant Life Christian Center asks for support, so that the Reach International Children's Center can become a reality.

Finding the Right Property

It was no easy task finding the right property for the vision, and in fact took years of hunting, searching, and extensive travel.

Orphanage, or SOmething Else?

The Reach International Children's Center was never designed to be a simple orphanage, but rather something far more impacting, designed to change the lives of the residents so that they could return to society. The question was... did that model already exist?

Visiting Kenya, FOrming a Team

Elders from Abundant Life Christian Center visit Kenya, and are moved. The vision for Reach International Children's Center began.