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Get to know the boys that we've rescued from the streets, now on their way to a new future.


A dynamic team exists both in the United States and Kenya to power this endeavor.

Project History

It took years for this idea to become a reality; educate yourself on the story of Reach International Children's Center.

Photo Gallery

Through this website (and beyond), as we describe the intense poverty of the boys in Bugoma, Kenya, it can still be hard to comprehend, especially to our readers in the United States. Explore our photos (below) to truly understand the need, and in turn, our vision to turn things around.

A Visit from ALCC

February 2020

While visits from our partner organization of Abundant Life Christian Center have been regular between 2018 and 2020, the visit in February was remarkably special. The vision of graduating our boys into foster homes was shared with the people of Bungoma, Kenya, particularly with the Pastor's Council, aka those in authority who would be leading the charge in terms of getting families to raise their hands and take in a boy as their own.

Additionally, the trip comprised of Pastors Mark Haywood and Amy Carter getting to spend some quality time with the boys, the young ones receiving a Capoeira lesson from another visitor from NY, guest preaching, pool time, and beyond.

The Home Opens

April 2018

At long last, in April of 2018, members of the Reach team from Abundant Life in Syracuse, NY, travel to join forces with the Reach team in Bungoma, Kenya. During this trip, the final round of team building, training, and preparation took place. Staff members were prepared for what was to come, and the house was finished as well. Lastly, the first seven boys were brought in as the first new - and official - residents of the Reach International Children's Home.

Outreach to Kenya

December 2016

Members of Abundant Life Christian Center embark - along with Pastors Mark Haywood and Amy Carter - to Kenya to continue the outreach to the street boys of Bungoma. During the trip, the boys were fed, shoes and clothing were distributed, and members of the ALCC team were also able to work on the property to further bring it to readiness.